Hi There!

My name is Katrina.

I am so glad you're here! Holding onto treasured memories through pictures is something I have loved doing since Childhood, and I am thrilled to share this passion with you! Take a minute to look around while you are here. You will see that my style of photography is natural, Fun, and relaxed.I believe that being in front of a camera can be a celebration and a truly joyful experience.


So who am I? Here are some fun facts about the woman behind the camera:

  • I was born in April and tempered in the love of a big, creative family with two amazing parents. I was raised on the move, and lived on gulf islands embraced by mossy bluffs and salty seas, in cities with glass buildings and libraries, on boats rocked by endless waves, and even in tents that let in lots of fresh air and sunlight.

  • I am mom to two amazing kids who rock my world. Being a mother is both the biggest challenge and gift of my life so far.

  • My husband and I met in Arizona, one of our favourite places in the world. We love the desert, but also adore the PNW where we currently live.

  • I LOVE to read, and while being a mom has curtailed my ability to live with my nose in a book, if I had to choose between a good book and a lavish party, book wins every time.

  • Wildflowers make me feel giddy.

  • My family and I ride our bikes everyday! As a commitment to sustainability, we sold our vehicle in 2017, and we love the bike life.

  • For exercise I also love running and swimming. One of these days I will complete a (sprint) triathlon.

  • I love telling YOUR story with beautiful, cherishable photographs.

  • Being a photographer has been my dream job since I was a little girl, and I feel so lucky to be doing exactly that!

YOUR PRECIOUS MOMENTS MATTER. I'd love for you to contact me with any questions or comments you have, and let's book you a photo session! Let’s weave some magic together with a little light, colour, and the unscripted beauty of your moments!

Thanks so much for visiting my site, I look forward to meeting you!

xo. Katrina Rain.