Sara + Hazel.

Beauty and the bamboo :: gorgeous Hazel home from university over the holidays. Photos taken on a brisk walk to the sea in January, with Hazel’s beautiful mom, Sara.

The quote "Youth is wasted on the young" has never rung true for me, and spending time with these wonderful women reminded me why. That quote bugged me when I was in my 20's, and it bugs me now in my 40's. I understand all the intellectual machinations and sentiments behind it, but we can easily leave it behind, and replace it with "Youth, honey, you've got this covered beautifully! While you are doing that, I'm going to make sure I've got this older person thing covered!"

George Bernard Shaw, you had it all wrong, youth suits the young perfectly. The young are inhabiting their youth brilliantly. The task is to make sure that we move on into our aged years so that the privilege of time is not wasted on those who become elders. Thank you Hazel and Sara for being beautiful examples of youth well-lived, and age well grown into.